My name is Matt Strom, but my friends call me The Judge, or The J, or TJ, or Teej, or Theodor James Barrington Jr., or TJBJ, and Jon once called me Big Daddy. I am married to Melissa Strom, and she calls me Bunny.

I am one of the more liberal people you might meet, and I am working on being less judgmental (that’s ironic) of people who don’t share my views.

I currently work at a seniors community and attend school full-time.  I want to be an ESL (English as a Second Language) teacher.

I spend more time with my friends than most people do, because my friends are better than most people.

I love sports. My favorite teams are always the teams that play closest to Fort Worth. I can find almost any sport interesting, given the right circumstances. Women’s Curling, for instance, during the winter Olympics.

I love music. I listen to a wide variety, but some of my favorites are Rage Against The Machine, Albert King, House of Heroes, Led Zeppelin, and Elvis Costello.

When I come across something that I don’t know much about, I read about it for hours on end until I have a reasonable knowledge of the thing. These topics have included: canoeing, four-wheel drive, body piercing, alternative fuels, parrots, dreadlocks, and racquetball, among others. My wife calls me a research nerd when I do this.

My awesome friends forced me to start this blog.