My quest for a beard continues.  This week my facial hair is visible, if not impressive.  I would liken it to the playoff beard of one Daniel Brière, of the Philadelphia Flyers.  Here is a photo for comparison.


2 weeks - dirty        Daniele Briere\'s playoff beard


Please keep in mind that he had been growing his sad beard for several weeks when this photo was taken, and I am only using the photo to demonstrate the pattern of the facial hair.  It is as if the hair is afraid of the face itself and will only populate the outskirts and under-chin areas.


In my search for a photo of Brière, I found an interesting website.  Check out for news about playoff hockey in the NHL.  Fans of the Dallas Stars should bookmark this site for use next April.


Stay tuned for more updates on my disgusting beard.


Vaya con Dios, amigos.

The Judge