I have made “8 things” a regular Wednesday post lately.  This week I had to work overnight on Monday and Tuesday night and open my store on Wednesday.  The adjustment (or inability to adjust) has left me with little energy, so I decided to make my list an easy one this week.


  1. I love how sensitive my wife is to the needs and feelings of others.  Melissa cannot watch a person be mean to another person without becoming emotionally attached to the situation, even if it is in a book or movie.  Unfortunately, nary a television program goes by without some sobbing from Melissa, and I cannot be present while she watches Extreme Makeover Home Edition.
  2. I love the way my wife has devoted her life to God.  I don’t mean that she is working toward ordination in the United Methodist Church, although that is impressive.  I love how Melissa incorporates her faith into every moment of every day.
  3. I love how clumsy my wife is.  It’s like watching a baby bear learn to walk… cute.
  4. I love the way my wife stands up for herself.  If you disagree with Melissa, you better be ready for a fight.  She is assertive and will not back down when her beliefs are in question.  This is sometimes difficult for me because I don’t always share my wife’s opinions, but I respect her strong will.
  5. I love my wife’s “crazy eyes.”  Sometimes Melissa will get very excited for no apparent reason.  When this happens, her eyes get very wide and her breathing changes.  I know that “crazy eyes” means I have about five seconds to escape.  If I don’t recognize the situation in time, I will be in grave danger.  The ensuing attack usually includes hitting, pinching, biting, or other painful forms of horseplay.  I imagine that this is the way that baby bears play.
  6. I love the way my wife cuddles.  When we are on the couch or in bed together, Melissa will take my arm and wrap it around her, nuzzling into my chest and armpit.  Sometimes she makes cute noises like a baby bear might make.
  7. I love that my friends love my wife.  That may sound silly, but it is no small accomplishment.  My friends are all very close and comfortable with each other, and it is very rare for a newcomer to be welcomed into the group.  I don’t mean to make them sound antisocial, but it is hard to earn the kind of trust that is developed over years of friendship.  Melissa broke through the barriers deftly and became one of my best friends as well as the love of my life.
  8. I love what a wonderful mother my wife will be.  We don’t have children yet, but Melissa is so loving a caring with children, and I know that she will be an amazing mother some day.


I promise that I won’t be sappy next week.


Vaya con Dios, amigos.

The Judge