None of these are my original theories.  They are just a few of the interesting ones that I have come across.  Some are more of a stretch than others.


  1. The all-encompassing (and my favorite) mirror-matter theory.  I don’t have the time to write out the physics that are involved in this theory, but you can read it all on another page.  Basically, the island is on a moon (or smaller planet rotating around the Earth’s center of gravity), which is composed of mirror-matter, or another plane of existence within our universe.
  2. “Only fools are enslaved by time and space.”  In the episode where Kate and Sawyer find Karl being brainwashed, the audio can be played in reverse to reveal this message.  Also, there are some telling images in the scene, such as the moon.
  3. After Locke visits Jacob, he tells Ben that, “[Jacob] wants us to move the island.”  This might mean that Jacob wants them to move the island in time, not space.  Maybe it has something to do with the Orchid Station or the temple where “the others” are hiding out.  Maybe the two places are one in the same.
  4. Aaron is Jacob.  The producers of the show have said that we have already met Jacob, but that we have not heard him speak.  An infant fits the bill.  Also, in the Bible, Aaron has 12 sons, and Benjamin is his favorite son.  It could explain why Aaron is surrounded by so much turmoil.
  5. In season one, we saw a pair of skeletons in the cave.  The producers have said that they used these skeletons to prove that they really knew where they were going with the story from the beginning.  One has a white stone, one has a dark stone.  Are the skeletons Desmond and Penny, or are they Jack and Kate?  Either way, it would prove that you could be in the same place at two different times simultaneously.
  6. There are some people who can move from present to past or future and back again, as Desmond does.  These people are special, and may be recruited by others like themselves to join them on the island.  Christian (Jack’s father) may be one of them, as well as Walt and Benjamin.  When Jack found Christian’s coffin, it was empty.  Also, he has been seen multiple times on the island and in Jack’s flash-forwards.  He might actually be there (not imaginary).
  7. Ben and Widmore are each other’s constants.  Any person who travels in time needs a constant to keep them from dying.  If these two are vital to each other’s survival, then they cannot kill each other, even if they are mortal enemies.
  8. There is a timeline website that puts together several theories about time travel, the aging of the island inhabitants, and why Locke can walk and Rose is cancer-free.  It’s another long one.


Vaya con Dios, amigos.

The Judge