Mel is awful at video games.  We have a Nintendo Wii, and the most fun she ever has with it is watching me play Super Mario Galaxy.  It’s not my favorite game, but it is pretty good, and it’s the only one that we both enjoy.  I rent new games at work in the hopes that Mel will like one of them.  Usually, if they look like something that Mel will have any interest in, they suck.


Super Paper MarioThis week I found a good one:  Super Paper Mario.  It’s a throwback to the classic Super Mario games from the original Nintendo and the Super Nintendo.  You play in a two-dimensional setting, with a twist:  you can “flip” into three dimensions to accomplish certain tasks.  It is challenging enough, but not so difficult that she gets frustrated and loses interest.


If you have any suggestions for other games that Mel might like, please share them with me.  She likes puzzle games (like Tetris and Bejeweled) and story games (like Animal Crossing).


Vaya con Dios, Amigos.

The Judge