• Mel, Patrick and I went to Chan’s Mongolian Grill on Monday, and then to Genghis Grill on Wednesday for Kyle’s birthday.  It was a good week for stir fry.
  • Mel, Patrick and I went to Sam’s Club on Thursday for pizza.  This has become a weekly tradition.  We order a pizza with pepperoni, sausage and jalapeño.  We fill our drinks.  We browse the store and eat the free samples du jour.  We sit at a picnic table and eat our pizza while we discuss old people, stir fry, cell phones, sunglasses and the kid who made our pizza, who obviously hates his job.
  • One of my employees quit.  He was a hoss.  Now we are really short-handed, and I have to start interviewing potential hires next week.  I am so excited to find out how many potheads have applied for a job in the last month.
  • On Saturday night, Mel and I had our first date since the honeymoon.  It is a little sad that we have not made much time for each other during the past month.  We had a bunch of fun just hanging out with each other.  We went to Macy’s and blew $400 on some sweet sunglasses, a couple of shirts, a purse and a wallet.  Then we had dinner and saw “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”, which is a hilarious movie if you don’t mind seeing male genitalia often and without warning.
  • Sunday was the Richland Hills UMC Talent Show.  It was a little long1, but about 140 people showed up and donated about $2,800 toward this summer’s youth mission trip.  For my part, I participated in the youth skit.  We performed Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” with Guitar Hero controllers, brooms, imaginary drums, and a choir (which I was a part of).  If you know anything about the song, you will understand that we had to do a little head-banging near the end.  During said head-banging, I managed to lose my balance and fall onto a couple of real guitars and a tube amp.  Luckily, the equipment was okay, but my neck is very sore.  Apparently, when you have a Kevin Mench head2, and a petite neck3, you are not cut out for head-banging.
  • After the talent show, Mel and I came home to find our apartment flooded.  The water heater in the apartment above ours had a malfunction and leaked through our apartment and into the one below us.  Our new bathroom stuff got damaged, and some carpet padding had to be taken out, but I think we are supposed to get the carpet replaced on Tuesday.  Hopefully the ceiling damage will also be fixed then.


Vaya con Dios, amigos.

The Judge


1)      Reading a 1940’s radio program for 20 minutes is not a talent.

2)      Kevin Mench has the biggest head in Major League Baseball.

3)      My neck is one of my two physical attributes that can be called petite.