I enjoy my job quite a bit.  For those of you who don’t know, I am a sales manager at a Blockbuster2 in Haltom City, TX.  That basically amounts to assistant manager, but I am charged with the sales strategy and results for my store.  It is also a stepping stone toward store manager.  I get to watch movies and play games for free, and make recommendations to customers, who are really cool for the most part.  I get to make my own schedule, which allows me to work four days per week.  I get to think outside the box to my heart’s content, as long as the numbers show a positive trend and I don’t hurt anybody in the process.  It is a pretty sweet gig for me right now.


But lately I have been frustrated.  Everybody around me seems to know more about my future at Blockbuster than I do, whether they work at my store or not; whether they are one of my supervisors or one of my employees.  Not a week goes by that I don’t hear a rumor about when or where I am going to be a store manager.  “Suzy Q3 is going to get fired because she is terrible.”  “I think John H is going to quit because he is tired of working in retail.”  “I heard that Jake P is getting a promotion.”  It has gotten to the point that I cannot even guess which gossip is legitimate.


On the bright side, I know that I am one of two people who will be trained to take the next store manager positions that open up.  No matter where I end up, a promotion to store manager would more than double my income.  That would be very helpful for my new marriage, and child-bearing considerations.


If I slow down to think about what might happen in six months, I cannot possibly be the best at what I do now.  For now, I just have to be patient.


Vaya con Dios, amigos.

The Judge


1)      This is a Rita Mae Brown quote.

2)      I cannot comment on the possible deal with Circuit City… which you probably did not know anything about until you read this post.  Also, I am not important enough to know many details about aforementioned deal with Circuit City.

3)      All of the names in this post are fictional to keep me from being part of the rumor mill.