• This post is late because I had an awesome Sunday yesterday, with no time to write anything1.  It started with the baptism of my goddaughter, Averiee, who was a trooper even though she was not feeling well.  Then Mel and I headed over to my grandparents’ house to celebrate three birthdays and Easter.  My cousin’s daughter, Jenna, was the cutest 2 year-old I have ever seen hunt for Easter eggs.  She alternated between tossing the eggs into the basket with a casual flick of the wrist, and spiking them in, followed by a zealous celebration each time.  Mel and I had a great time with her students at church, learning how to be green2 and practicing air opera3 for next week’s talent show.  Of course, we finished the night at No Frills, because we can’t spend more than 24 hours without seeing the guys.
  • My store manager (the boss lady) was on vacation this week, so I was responsible for the store.  I’m not certain if I did a good job or not.  I did more than my usual load, but I was frustrated at times, and I still have some stuff to learn.
  • Tuesday was the Texas Rangers’ home opener.  We went to No Frills around 11 a.m. but the projector needed a new bulb, so we headed downtown to Fox4.  It was not as awesome as last year, but it cost less and we actually got to watch the game.
  • I have made good on my resolution to be a good Rangers fan this season.  I have followed every game closely.  I was extremely excited when they got to 5-4, and I almost cried when they got swept by Toronto.  Josh Hamilton, David Murphy, and Kevin Millwood are in my mouth5!  I still need to go to some games.
  • Next week I am starting a new schedule.  I will be working four 9-10 hour shifts every week, which will leave me with three days off.  I also get to make the schedules.  In my mouth!


Auf Wiedersehen,

The Judge


1)      I may continue to write this post on Mondays.

2)      It’s not easy being green.

3)      Air Opera – similar to air guitar, but an entire band and choir pretending to play/sing, and making up for the lack of talent with over-acting and ridiculous devotion to the power slide.

4)      Fox and Hound – a step above No Frills Grill in quality and price.  This place also serves as a good place to drop a deuce when you are downtown with friends.

5)      “In my mouth” means that I like them a lot.  If you like guacamole, you put it in your mouth.  If you like Josh Hamilton, why not put him in your mouth?  Not in a sexual way.