I recently spent an evening at No Frills1 with Melissa and a couple of buddies.  This should come as no surprise to anybody who spends any amount of time with my friends and me.  We drank, we talked, and we took the conversation to a touchy subject for us: we acknowledged that we spend way too much time talking about things that we might like to do, but we never set any actual goals.  So it was decided that each of us would write a list of things that we want to do in our lifetime.  No rules or guidelines were set for these lists.  My list goes like this…


  1. get married
  2. have children
  3. climb Mt. Fuji
  4. go to Big Bend National Park
  5. visit two continents outside of North America
  6. prepare a five course meal for Melissa
  7. become fluent in Spanish
  8. get a college degree
  9. weigh 240 lbs.
  10. take a spontaneous road trip
  11. own a home
  12. spend one week without speaking
  13. complete a three-day fast
  14. make a budget and stick to it
  15. fly a kite
  16. run five miles
  17. get a piercing
  18. get another tattoo
  19. ride an elephant
  20. get vision correction surgery
  21. read “Where The Wild Things Are” to my children
  22. attend a wine class
  23. go to the new Cowboys Stadium
  24. attend a Cowboys game in Philadelphia vs. The Eagles
  25. take a trip to Texas Rangers spring training with the guys
  26. own a Jeep
  27. make a table out of Shiner bottle caps
  28. attend a Texas Rangers playoff game
  29. see the Texas Rangers win a World Series
  30. go to Shiner, TX
  31. have a garden
  32. go to New York
  33. get a professional massage
  34. wakeboard
  35. take a canoe trip
  36. deliver a speech
  37. finish collecting our fine china
  38. wrap a present
  39. use a flask
  40. tequila tasting with Melissa’s dad
  41. power hour2
  42. attend the 10th Annual Givin’3
  43. run with the bulls
  44. own a sport coat
  45. tithe 10%
  46. start a ministry
  47. read the entire Bible (Protestant Christian) with study materials
  48. attend three worship services outside of the Protestant Christian tradition
  49. take a cooking class5
  50. go to a Led Zeppelin concert


My list can and will be amended from time to time.  As I add to it, I will share my changes with you.  I don’t expect to complete the list.  In fact, some of the items on my list rely heavily on the actions of others (see #29).  But enumerating my hopes and goals has given me some perspective regarding the value of each day and how I spend (read: waste) my time.  I imagine that it will be very helpful during a mid-life crisis.


I encourage every person to write a list of their aspirations.  It doesn’t matter what you include, and you don’t have to share it with anybody.


Here’s to our future endeavors,

The Judge


1)      No Frills Bar and Grill – cheap food, cheap beer, absolutely no frills to speak of; we spend way to much time and money on terrible food at this place, but the camaraderie cannot be beat.

2)      Power Hour – one shot of beer every minute for 60 minutes.  I can’t wait to look back at this list in 40 years.

3)      The Givin’ – a Thanksgiving tradition; a party held every year to celebrate our friends and family through (mostly) healthy fellowship and spirits.  2008 will be the 4th Annual Givin’.

4)      I should probably do #49 before #6.