I am hesitant.  But here I am, so I guess I am not obstinate enough to resist the constant pressure that I have faced lately at the hands of my BFF’s1.  Now that I have knuckled under, I have to figure out what my purpose is here.  I have set a few guidelines for myself.  They are all pretty common among my friends’ blogs, but I am not attempting innovation.


  1. I will set goals for myself and document my progress toward those goals.  My hope is that this will be an agent of change in my lifestyle.  I can recognize areas that need improvement, and I will tackle them directly and often, for the world2 to see, unabashed.
  2. I will share anecdotes from my personal life.  Occasionally I have an interesting experience involving a friend, a co-worker, or some random woman who’s breast falls out of her shirt; and those situations may be worthy of writing about.  This will probably be the hardest part of blogging for me.  I am not a skillful storyteller, but I will try to keep it interesting.  I might include pictures.  I will never include a picture of a woman’s breast falling out of her shirt.
  3. I will try to brainwash you.  My friend Tett thinks that I have some very controversial opinions.  I will share my opinions for you to read, applaud, and quickly adopt as your own.


So here it is, from the beginning.  I will either follow my guidelines, and grow from the experience, or I will quickly abandon this project altogether and leave you with a quarterly update on why I don’t have time to blog.3


Ex animo,

The Judge


1)  Best Friend Forever.  You can have more than one.  This term may be used interchangeably with bestie, buddy, and “I love you… always have.”

2)  I will never make reference to the actual number of readers that visit this blog regularly.  It is tacky.  It is selfish.  And I don’t care who reads me, with very few exceptions.

3)  Nobody reads this blog anyway.